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Η «κατάρα» της τέλειας μάνας

By christianagenie | 10 May 2020

Μέσα σε μια στιγμή αποκτάς ένα από τους σημαντικότερους τίτλους ως γυναίκα. Αυτόν της μαμάς. Ιδέα δεν έχεις όμως τι ακριβώς σημαίνει, αν και έχεις διαβάσει αμέτρητα άρθρα και βιβλία για να προετοιμαστείς… Έρχονται στιγμές που συνειδητοποιείς ότι δεν ξέρεις τίποτα. «Μα πως γίνεται; Είχα διαβάσει  ΤΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ! Γιατί δεν τα καταφέρνω; Μήπως κάνω λάθος;» …

In the era of SEX and GO

By christianagenie | 26 October 2019

The need to belong… one of our primary needs – the need for connection, warmth, and affection… A study was carried out in 1944 on the impact of lack of affection and touch on newborns (see the end of the article for more info). Half of the newborns in the experiment that had all basic …

Should we fear Digital Evolvement?

By christianagenie | 25 September 2019

I am writing here as an ex techy and a current Human Kind Lover! I studied Information Technology and Multimedia design around 20 years ago…it was then where the digital evolution was at its first steps. I still remember the day I bought a computer with a… CD WRITER! I was in absolute bliss! I …

Divorce. Should I or Shouldn’t I?

By christianagenie | 7 August 2019

Growing up it is strongly embedded in our minds that our purpose as humans is reproduction. Starting from the fairy tales, the woman is always expecting her prince charming to come and rescue her. A few years ago, I came across the fairy tale “Sleeping beauty” one day. While I was reading through it, I …

Is your child happy?

By christianagenie | 20 January 2019

What makes a child happy and how do you know if your child is really happy; All humans on this earth are souls contained in these bodies. We all come in this life to shine and then leave. I will never forget how amazed I was after the birth of my first daughter…I used to …

3 ways to create an amazing relationship with your children!

By christianagenie | 20 January 2019

Jonathan is is driving back home from work. He feels exhausted and even though he adores his family, he feels really overwhelmed that he will have to face his children in a while and they will require from him to play with them. “I just want to lie quietly on the couch and watch TV” …