I am writing here as an ex techy and a current Human Kind Lover!

I studied Information Technology and Multimedia design around 20 years ago…it was then where the digital evolution was at its first steps.

I still remember the day I bought a computer with a... CD WRITER! I was in absolute bliss! I could save 700MB on ONE CD??? Wow!!! You do realise that today we can save 1TB on a tiny SD card huh?

I have been amazed by this evolution for many years! I was SO focused and devoted in this field! I studied 3D animation at a time that 3D models looked completely fake and now you can barely distinguish the 3D scenes in a movie…

Well,... at some point in my life, everything was going horribly wrong… I had a job that I hated and I was in a pretty dead marriage…

So I woke up one day pretty miserable, I made my coffee as usual and I started scrolling through the social media...I was feeling so low...While I was looking at all those “happy people” I felt all my blood rushing on my head.. I felt like my head was going to explode. I said out loud I AM NOT HAPPY...and i just threw my phone at the other side of the room…

I started crying like a baby...feeling hopeless and useless  and just like a flash - I  thought to myself… “What the F* are you doing? This is how you will use your chance to live on this earth?”. That was IT. I have had enough of the “so and so” situations in my life.

So I decided it was time to open the Pandora box. If I didn’t resolve the issues troubling me inside I would never reach true happiness.. I could be a “Tech freak” moving with tremendous speeds within the technology evolvement but.. What did it matter if I was stuck in my life?

So, I started digging in to my inner world. I started doing psychoanalysis, coaching and a loooot of reading… and bit by bit, I started realising how I function as a human being. I must admit that for the first couple of years I had no idea what was going on. At some point I didn’t even know who I truly was. Thank God I still remembered my name though 🙂

In time and by getting rid one by one all the limiting beliefs that were keeping me back, I had quit my job and I was working as a freelance Multimedia Creator and of course the magic of the technology remained very much alive for many years ahead. It was actually the only thing that was keeping my fire alive!

So month after month and year after year I continued educating myself on the inner world of us, humans. I started learning how our body functions, how our brain functions and how our energy functions or better say … flows.

So there I was… a techie moving in extreme speed towards the future fighting to catch up with the technology advancements - With a huge knowledge of our inner world who was calling me to DROP SPEED…TO LIVE IN THE PRESENCE…TO ENJOY THE HERE AND NOW.

But how could I do that? “If I stop, I will stay behind…the progress is so fast that I have to keep up otherwise I will be left behind…”

 I don't know how it exactly happened. I woke up one morning and while I was looking out of my window I felt a refreshing breeze rejuvenating my soul and my body. My heart was filled with flowers and butterflies and my breath felt like it was a God-given gift. I was ready...

I started meditating every day and I tried to remind myself to remain still every now and then during the day…. To breathe… To be more mindful…

The days went by and bit by bit Technology seized to amaze me.

For the first time in my life instead of running after the technology advancements and the creation of a new breath-taking digital world I turned inside…and I had a look at “this” glorious world - The one that lies within me.

I am still a “silent” tech lover, I must admit…and it still amazes me and scares me at the same time…all this automation… All this guidance, we, humans experience through the use of our mobile phones…sometimes it gives me the shivers.

Nowadays anybody can search for his name on Google and probably get his picture come up from his social media accounts.

The fact that our life is so openly exposed through social media for me is very scary…


Another thing that really worries me is the loss of our true identity. I now, happen to work with children and sometimes I do feel so sorry for our new generations. They are carrying a curse that our generation created for them. Their digital existence.

Do you know how hard it is for a teenager today to exist in this world? Trying to figure out who you are, have self-esteem and create your own identity – at the same time that you are valued by the number of likes you get on your social media.


Around 5 years ago, while I was working with teenager groups at a school in Cyprus one of my students, Eleni, came crying into my arms...It took her five minutes to stop crying and catch her breath again. So when she finally started speaking she had told me that her boyfriend had broken up with her.

He decided that he wanted to be with Victoria  …the pretty girl of the school that had 800 likes on ONE post.

She was crying in my arms because she was not “good enough”. She was not good enough to get so many likes or make the boy that she liked, stay with her…

- She actually said “Why would he want to be with me? Even on Facebook, I get maximum 30 likes on my posts - SHE GETS 800...do YOU UNDERSTAND?” My heart was torn apart...


This is something that is unfortunately happening in adulthood too…People are trapped in a false image… they feel so “not enough” by all this exposure of the social and in return… they are closing in, they become unsocial, they talk less and they communicate with emoticons instead of true smiles and tears.


Technology advancement, just like anything else on this planet has its positive side as well.  I cannot imagine our world without it now… many things look so much easier today than 20 years ago. Doctors can operate from a distance and people, from all over the world, have come closer than ever before.

The other day I saw a mommy gadget that I desired so badly :)!

I am a mum of two beautiful girls that, thank God, are turning our house upside down every day… So, I saw a video on Facebook of a robot that was tidying up toys, sorting them out in boxes and then cleaning the floor too… Can you imagine? It took me one millisecond to fall in love with it  🙂 🙂

This is just a simple example of how the technological advancement can support the human kind. We do have to admit that, technology can be a true blessing in our life as long as WE decide how to use it. Otherwise it can become a curse for the human kind.

I now take you back to my life story for a minute..

That entire search and studying of the human existence led me to become a Life Coach for Children and Adults, helping them wake up from the lethargy they live in and start realising how powerful we, humans, are.

Now…I LOVE technology! but I found the true meaning of my existence. To live in the present moment. To see the reality as it is. To accept myself just the way I am.

A huge part of humanity is guided blindly by technology having a false perception of the world as it is today and it is now my mission to awaken people. To enable them to see what is actually happening. To appreciate themselves. To appreciate life. To come in contact with nature and to communicate with each other using their voice and not their thumbs.

Otherwise I fear to see the future. Full of depressed people not knowing how to live, accepting nothing for enough.


So I am writing this today to ask you with all my love… Never forget that WE ARE THE MANKIND. We own one of the most complicated and magnificent systems…our bodies…Not to talk about our soul.

Maybe we should start thinking differently… Anything that is done in excessive quantities repeatedly is destructing for us…and this applies to everything in life…food, coffee, sex, …anything.

So let’s worship the digital Era in a way that will keep us – the human species – empowered.

Let’s stop moving blinded in this life and use the technology in moderation without being dependent on it and ONLY when it supports us to evolve …

My wish is that we, humans, learn to live more consciously and use technology more consciously …because this will be the only way this digital evolvement will exist as a blessing for our kind.